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WCR Rail School

Become part of our team today!
50 Isabella Street, St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada, N0B 2N0

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The Details

Have you ever wanted to drive a train or become a conductor? Believe it or not, you can achieve your first of our six offered certificates in less than 3 hours TODAY! Rail School is a course consistent of many parts. The course takes place in class, online and onboard our trains. The only rail school in South-Western Ontario, our recognized course certifies approved applicants with the Ministry of Transportation for the positions of Engineer, Conductor, or Safety Crew.

To become an engineer or conductor, you will need to log hours on the train with our certified operators before receiving certification. Once certified, you can sign up whenever you wish, to be one of our daily operators and take control of our running trains throughout the year!

The course provides both online and in print working documents, In class time, onboard, practical and live in Cab learning. Move at your own pace, on your own schedule with our team of certified operators and Mentors.

Our course levels include: SMS safety, Passenger handling, Train Service manager, conductor and Engineer Certifications.

Are you an Ex CN or CP Engineer? If so, we will fast-track your certification process!

Upon first level graduation you will be able to actually operate on the Waterloo Central Railway trains gaining your training hours and progressing on to the next level, take the training as far as you are able to or desire to, right up to becoming a conductor and an Engineer!

At Waterloo Central Railway we have a progressive system of levels. As you progress through these levels you earn more capabilities. With those capabilities comes responsibility though, so only progress to a higher level if you are completely comfortable in doing so. The levels are as follows from lowest to highest:

Safety Crew: Loads passengers and helps in case of emergencies.
Conductor: In charge of the movement of the locomotive and the staff onboard. (Class time: 5 hours, Hands-on operational time: as needed)
Engineer: In charge of operating the locomotive from the engine. (Class time: 5 hours, Hands-on operational time: as needed)

You’re in charge of how long this training takes. When you sign up, we’ll have you come to our location and do a walk-through to introduce you to our crew and our equipment. You will be given an overview and books to take home with you. If you prefer, we can send you PDF versions of the booklets instead. We will send you the first level’s work and you can come in for your exam whenever you’re ready.
The course is a mixture of online and in-class work, as well as onboard training.

For each level there is an exam. Don’t worry—they’re all open-book, so you will always have your manual there just in case. It’s as simple as that! Exams are held at one of our locations and are supervised by our certified teachers.

The applicant must be approved before receiving certain levels. To be considered eligible applicants must:
- live within 2 hours of Waterloo Region, with you own transpiration
- have a valid drivers licence
- be 20 years of age and over
- pass each level to be certified at each level
- pass mental aptitude test and Physical exam to certify engineer

You will receive a certificate for each level you pass. In addition if you earn your engineer certifications, you will receive a framable certification to hang in your home to show that you are certified to operate a train. When earned, we will also proudly display a copy of your engineer certification on our wall. Start your journey towards certification today!

Sign up for one of our starter classes/orientation dates listed below by clicking on "Register Here":

Summer and Fall Cohorts:
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 (from: 7 pm to 10 pm)
Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 (from: 7pm to 10 pm)
Wednesday, October 6th, 2017 (from: 7pm to 10 pm)
Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 (from: 7pm to 10 pm)

Register Here!


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Waterloo Central Railway and Museum

ALL ABOARD! BOOKS SEATS NOW! Waterloo Central Railway offers many unique regularly scheduled themed train experiences throughout the year as well as rail and station venue charter options for your special event! Perfect for personal parties , weddings, corporate, tours and school adventures, this historic train travels from north Waterloo, through St. Jacobs to Elmira and back for a scenic trip through the countryside of Waterloo Region. Choose from a number of different themed train rides including The Great Train Robbery, Eggstravaganza, Spellbound Prison Train rides, Pumpkin Patch runs, Halloween Dress Up trains, Santa Trains plus the very popular THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Rides. Fun for all ages! Visit The Train Store located in a rail car on the train station grounds at 50 Isabella St. St. Jacobs featuring many unique items including authentic Warner Bros™ Harry Potter products as well as THE POLAR EXPRESS™ merchandise. Open daily 9:30am to 6pm. Ask us about our rail school opportunities!

50 Isabella St., St. Jacobs Ontario