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Get your Tickets Here; Avoid the Lines and Save Money

Get your Tickets Here; Avoid the Lines and Save Money

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Experience this Unique Tourist Attraction; Be Part of something special

Take in the spectacular countryside on your journey. You will be awestruck by the magnifience of authentic locomotives, some over a hundred years old and some as rare as being one of the only three of their kind in all of Canada.
Bring your camera, because you won't want to miss these incredible photo opportunities around St. Jacobs Country amongst the Mennonite Community.

Unique Events in Exotic Locations; Plan Your Next Event In a New Exciting Environment

Do something different! We offer plenty of choices for your events for 'Wacky Weddings' to 'Corporate Workshops' You can use our caboose, business car, dining car or even our station museum where you can dine alongside some of the most amazing pieces of history

Be a Part of the Whole Experience with our Thrilling Ride Along Package

Try any one of our packages: "Engineer for a Day","Conductor for a Day", or even "Control the Caboose." You can collect tickets, blow the horn, ride in the front and be right in the middle of the action. Click here to start the experience. Want to just help us? We are currently rebuilding several cars and need your help, click here to see you can make a difference